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  1. hi, i need some help with using megadownloader with files over 5gb in size. i downloaded MegaDownloader Portable v1.7 , and i cant get it to start the download of a file over 5gb , i press play to start it and under the status tab it says downloading , but nothing is happening. i already looked at tutorial but cant work it out. i need step by step help in english please. do i copy link from top address bar in mega site of the movie or direct from here. this is the file i want to get . Hot.Shots.1991.720p.BluRay.DTS.x264-DON.mkv 6.85 GB https://mega.nz/#!ZzQCCKrK!4rtvucTSLkvuUU7Hxy16UHs7gdMPw42-NzKczOkMmGE also how do i paste a link in there, it wont paste in. all i can do is capture link from clip board is this the only way ? thank you.
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