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Tut Giới thiệu MegaKeep v2 - giải pháp auto login acc mega.nz

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MegaKeep v2.0




What is MegaKeep?

MegaKeep (MK for short) will allow you to login to your numerous mega accounts to avoid deletion due to inactivity.


For those that aren't aware, mega will send you an email stating they miss you after around a year of inactivity. About two months later, they'll send you another email stating your mega account is inactive. They don't say how long you have until your files are removed, however it seems to be about a month. Running this program should negate this process.





You must have MEGAcmd running on your machine.


Create a text file (.txt) of all your mega accounts and passwords in a user:pass format with one account per line.

Then locate that file and run the program.





Source code



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13 minutes ago, drizzle said:

Việt sub đi chủ thớt. Ko hiểu tiếng anh tiếng em gì hết :toro:


mi ko hiểu ai hiểu :ah:


P/S: đang chạy đc gần trăm acc dòi :21:

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