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    Black Water Abyss 1080p WEB-DL DD5 1 H 264-EVO Language: English 3.95 GB | 01:38:15 | MKV | 1920x1080 | A_AC3, 48 Khz, 6 channels, 384 Kbps Genre: Action | Drama | Horror Provider: Lori.Yagami Friends exploring a remote cave system in Northern Australia find themselves threatened by a pack of crocodiles. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7978672/ Screenshot: https://rapidgator.net/file/81624f219acd33e0c8b5f5f1b3a450b2/Black_Water_Abyss.2020.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO.rar https://uploadgig.com/file/download/142abB3b49A57f8e/Black_Water_Abyss.2020.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AC3-EVO.rar
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    MegaDownloader v1.8 Stable - Portable == Update 01/05/2020== Changelog: Home Page: http://megadownloaderapp.blogspot.com.es/ v1.8 - 18/04/2020 - Added support for new MEGA links (mega.nz/file/xxx...) v1.7 - 03/12/2015 - Removed minimize button in "Add links" window in order to prevent misbehavior when copy/paste links. - Corrected error with video streaming for folder links. - Added Steganography support /hide links inside images. v1.6 - 08/11/2015 - Changes to MEGA folder links (they started to raise an error "[-11]" due to a change in MEGA API). v1.51 - 10/08/2015 v1.5 - 10/08/2015 - Added links to search engines for MEGA files. - Improved download process with multiple connections. - Added link to check last version. - Simplified chinese translation, thanks to tankren. v1.4 - 01/07/2015 - Added support to password protected ZIP and RARs (part RAR are still not supported) - Internal download changes - Translation to Romanian (Thanks to Adrian Prisacariu) - Minimum retry period configuration set to 1 (it was 5) v1.3 - 12/06/2015 - Improved download process (less memory is used and the file is deciphered on the fly, without using an intermediate buffer). - Added the option to generate individual ELC links for multiple files. - Added support for mega links in Chrome. v1.21 - 15/05/2015 - Added support for mega.nz links v1.2 - 30/04/2015 - Folder hierarchy is respected when downloading folders - Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation, thanks to Valentim - Fixed error with misconfiguration of package/buffer size - Movie information is extracted automatically when importing links in the multimedia library. The name of the file must have this content: - [filmXXX] for Filmaffinity (example "Film whatever [HDRip][film893326].avi") - [ttXXX] for IMDB (example "Film whatever [HDRip][tt2395427].avi") - [allocineXXX] for Allocine (example "Film whatever [HDRip][allocine61282].avi") - Corrected URL of the multimedia library when accessing outside localhost v1.1 - 03/04/2015 - Modified the speed calculation - previously it showed the average of the last 7.5 seconds, now it shows the average of the last 5 seconds. Apart of that the speed of the first second is discarded in order to avoid false peaks. - Added the option to start downloading after adding a link (activated by default, many people complained because they didn't know how to start downloading) - Added option to set a password for streaming server - Fixed issue with speed limit - Added support for linkcrypter.net v1.0 - 19/03/2015 - Fixed error when reading folder links - Fixed filmaffinity and allocine Library support - Added support for lix.in and adf.ly links v0.92 BETA - 10/02/2015 - Fixed error when reading enc2 links - Fixed error when inserting incomplete links - Fixed error when streaming files with diacritics in the file name - Fixed error when streaming encoded folders v0.91 BETA - 03/02/2015 - Fixed error with video streaming. Thx to Jhon Eslava for notifying the problem and send examples. - Fixed error with duplicated files (now the file is renamed). v0.90 BETA - 29/01/2015 - Added support to Youpaste.co - Added support to encrypterme.ga - Backup file config & download list - Fixed error with video streaming - Corrected error with folder links - Added support for http://mega.co.nz/#N!xxx links - New mega:// encode (backward compatibility, but not forward; example, a link generated with 0.83 can be used in 0.9, but a link generated in 0.9 can't be used in 0.83) - Minor internal updates v0.83 BETA - 11/12/2014 - Fixed errors with SSL/TLS v0.82 BETA - 22/06/2013 - Fixed error with MegaCrypter. - Improved performance when downloading big files. - Fixed error when MEGA gives a 403 (forbidden) error (it was not treated correctly and caused the program to crash). v0.81 BETA - 24/04/2013 - Fixed error with download list from 0.7. v0.8 BETA - 18/04/2013 - Support for ELC. - When adding links, the package name is not mandatory anymore; if empty, it takes the name of the first file. - Internal improvements, some minor bugs corrected. - Fixed error with XP SP3 when .NET 3.5 was not installed. v0.7 BETA - 23/03/2013 - Support for DLC files. - Support for MEGA's shared folders. - Added "Force download" option. - Added support for VLC portable. - Fixed Allocine movie extraction (used in the streaming library). - Improved error handling. v0.61 BETA - 08/03/2013 - Fixed streaming error (quickfix). v0.6 BETA - 07/03/2013 - New logo and colors - Fixed errors in Windows XP (need SP3). - Added support for mega:// URI. - Added option to generate encoded links. v0.51 BETA - 03/03/2013 - Fixed error when resuming downloads (quickfix). v0.5 BETA - 28/02/2013 - Added video streaming. - Added video library. - Minor internal improvements. v0.4 BETA - 16/02/2013 - Added "Pre-Shared Keys" option. - Modified menu and configuration format. - Minor internal improvements. v0.3 BETA - 02/02/2013 - Internal improvements, bugs corrected. v0.2 BETA - 02/02/2013 - Internal improvements, bugs corrected. - Added multi language support. v0.1 BETA - 01/02/2013 - First version. Thông tin về phần mềm: - Update 01/05/2020: MegaDownloader v1.8 Stable. MegaDownloader v1.8 Stable - Portable https://yadi.sk/d/B6hj-EKdqdl0kw https://www.mediafire.com/file/harodvfhe8w5r1w https://app.box.com/s/hoxulp0np048q43dcse1scz2ir3ruvk6 https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkeC4Dv-fD4-h1FH1UFcHSXwBZhk?e=wGlfj6 https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rb3apklfuw84f5/MegaDownloader%20Portable%20v1.8.rar?dl=0MegaDownloader Portable - All Version https://yadi.sk/d/f1F7eRbOjp4Zf https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lmlhnc6428942 https://app.box.com/s/arbqcbwg7fm67gq9q7daotvw6r0h4b74 https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkeC4Dv-fD4-h0TZKDZYAAKrJBzR?e=PrgCnm https://www.dropbox.com/sh/14a7h9l7xxc8f6p/AADS1g75g4sovtEO4VHobwhMa?dl=0Hướng dẫn xem phim online và tạo bộ sưu tập phim online bằng MegaDownloader: http://freehd.me/diend@n/topic/7504-huong-danFile excel dùng để convert link mega cho bản 1.7 trở xuống: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DJTPWFGDxeP9b-CugWREjaYmoN6C_GYL/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EkXY9xn4QASLQy055imKPmprH0cneuM6?usp=sharing freehd.me
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    CHào mọi người, lâu quá mới trở lại , ban đầu chỉ dùng AE để sync vs GGdrive, nhưng khi có nhu cầu down những phim mình upload ngày xưa hóa ra tool này dùng cho host mega cũng rất tuyệt vời, nhẹ, ổn định, cực kì ít crash, ông nào ngu IT, ko dùng được headless tool như megatool hay Rsync, Rclone thì dùng tool này ko chê vào đâu được, xứng đáng từng xu bỏ ra, đảm bảo ăn đứt dĩ vãng megadownloader/uploader. Mà ko mua pro thì đã có bimbim. Link bimbim mọi người có thể tự tìm (vì ko muốn dẫn link forum khác vào, mong thông cảm).
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    Xin chào cả nhà mình mới gia nhập Chúc cả nhà nhiều sức khỏe vui vẻ
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