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  1. 12/11 lên ls chơi đê . Post bài Crush với Tuesday
  2. nhà chả có gì ngoài ssd nvme gen3x4 2TB
  3. yêu anh nhưng chờ em đi chịch về đã nhá à
  4. huh, our system admin don't have ios/iphone device so he can't test and fix it . So sry
  5. @ibra : so u don't met problem like superup ? @superup : if it like ibra checked pls try download again it maybe problem when you download that content
  6. it has recovery record so pls try to repair it. with topics have rev files (it's recovery volume) u can use a rev file to replace a rar courrup file
  7. can do it in other way go into megatools folder . Shift + Right Click to Blank Space ---> Open command window here and nerver mind about path
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